Located in the busiest area of District 5, near Cho Lon, The Garden Mall has 4 sides abutting bustling main roads. With architectural design inspired by oriental culture, blending traditional and modern characteristics and arranged harmoniously in a fresh garden space, The Garden Mall is an ideal place for brand new experiences of a vibrant cultural, entertainment and shopping space.

The Garden Mall consists of 3 commercial floors with a total floor area of 30,000 sq.m. The mall features diversified and attractive services, including gourmet restaurants, supermarkets, banks, offices for lease, education system, beauty centre, fitness centre, entertainment and shopping area for the youth.

Walking around a space that is harmoniously arranged with fresh natural green, you will have the opportunity to experience the modern gym facilities, get lost in the unique "tropical book city", and at the same time freely explore the shopping paradise with various high-end fashion brands and the quintessence of handicraft.

One of the unique attractions of The Garden Mall is the Cho Lon Cultural Area, which celebrates the splendour of the convergence between the two cultures of Vietnamese and Chinese at Gia Dinh - Saigon - Cho Lon land in over 300 years. The cozy theater space of  Théatre de ChoLon is considered a cathedral for lovers of the theater arts as well as the traditional values of this rich cultural and historical land.

The 3rd floor creates its own characteristics with a private outdoor courtyard, which is ideal for cultural exchanges, event organization, community entertainments, contemporary art performances and exhibitions. This will be an exciting civilised playground for those who love the arts, creative lifestyles or bustling weekend markets. Cocochin Food Court opens up a miniature colorful culinary world with a variety of delicious cuisine, featuring the taste of the Cholon food heaven.

The outdoor swimming pool is equipped with a retractable roof system, and free wifi allows visitors to surf on the internet easily, satisfying the demand for internet access of visitors in this digital age. With practical values, The Garden Mall is definitely a great discovery destination for both domestic and international visitors to Saigon - Cho Lon area in District 5.