Ao Dai House – A place that introduces and displays the best Ao Dai collections of renowned Vietnamese designers.

Ao Dai House brings together well-known Ao Dai designers and brands, including Sĩ Hoàng, Thuỷ Nguyễn, Adrian Anh Tuấn, Hà Linh Thư, ChuLa as well as new brands like Tùng Vũ, Magonn by Tú Ngô & Nguyễn Minh Phúc.

The Ao Dai House is an 800 sq.m work of French architecture, located at 107 Dong Khoi Street, which is considered to be the splendid Champs-Élysées Boulevard of Paris in the centre of HCM City’s District 1.

Hundreds of valuable, diversified-in-style Ao Dai designs are displayed in a luxury space, which is also the place chosen by many designers to introduce their latest Ao Dai collections. Ao Dai House aims at helping customers update on the contemporary trends of the Vietnamese national costume.

Consultant staff with deep experience and knowledge about Ao Dai fashion would guide customers to choose designs in accordance to their stature and taste. Tailor service ensures the perfection of every customer’s Ao Dai, enhancing the noble image of Ao Dai at any event it joins.

Áo Dài House Grand Opening - Tuổi Trẻ TV


Áo Dài House Grand Opening - VTV9