Ao Dai, or ‘long dress’ in English, has become a fashion icon of Vietnam, an irreplaceable cultural symbol.

Whenever and wherever, Ao Dai has always been the pride of Vietnam nation, earning the admiration of friends from all over the world.

Ao Dai Museum by artist and fashion designer Si Hoang is built on Long Phuoc Ward Islet in HCM City’s District 9. Covering approximately 20,000 square meters, the museum is the fruit of 12 years of effort embellishing the islet into a luxurious, natural and profound traditional Vietnamese cultural space.

The artifacts are displayed in ‘Nha ruong’, an ancient beam house with a system of precious wooden columns inside and built up according to certain rules of the central coastal province of Quang Nam. The house was re-installed by the artisans from the Kim Bong carpentry village. 

Ao Dai Museum (under the HCM City Department of Culture & Sports) lies in the museum system of Vietnam. It specializes in the exhibition, preservation, research, collection, and storage of documents, photos, and artifacts of Áo Dài from the very first days, and in the thousands-year-long history of the Vietnamese people in founding and defending the nation. It is associated with images of Vietnamese women who took part in the country’s glorious victories in military, diplomacy, education, culture, society, healthcare, art, and others.

Áo Dài Museum not only conserves, but also promotes core values into the real life in the era of progressive movements and integration. It contributes to the diversity of civilizations and cultures in the world.