Located in a prime location of District 5, the most important commercial and cultural hub of the city, The Garden Complex is a complex comprising the residential area of The Garden Residence - fully equipped appartments for lease and The Garden Mall trade centre - the centre of cultural entertainment, modern cuisine for the comfortable life of the citizens.

Based on the idea of a busy commercial area of Thuan Kieu Plaza more than 20 years ago, The Garden Mall has renovate this work into a modern green garden in the heart of the city for the young people. Inspired by the mix of modern and nostalgic designs, The Garden Mall comprises of three commercial floors catering to the needs of shopping, dining and cultural entertainment. With a total ground floor area of more than 30,000 square meters arranged harmoniously in a fresh natural space, The Garden Mall brings a whole new experience. It is an ideal destination for citizens and travellers, especially young people to explore the culinary world, new experiences in culture, entertainment and shopping. After only a few months in operation, The Garden Mall has become a popular entertainment attraction for young people, a rendezvous gathering the most popular brands of food, entertainment and consumer goods.

One of the unique attractions of The Garden Mall is the harmonious space between the fresh nature, and Cho Lon Cultural Area with the highlight of Théatre de ChoLon, which is considered the cathedral for lovers of the theater arts. Introducing traditional arts like hát tuồng, hát bội(classical Vietnamese opera), cải lương (reformed theater/modern folk opera)... are the dominant recreational facilities of the project.

If The Garden Mall is considered as a green garden underneath, the above The Garden Residence - the green home of young people will be a place of blossoming with three 33-storey towers, featuring 648 fully modern equipped apartments for lease, overlooking District 5’s centre. Apartments are equipped with modern facilities and a variety of amenities. It is expected to start operation by the end of 2018. The Garden Residence is the ideal place to build a warm home for those who love to live adynamic life but still attach to the traditional cultural values.

The Garden Complex is expected to contribute positively into community activities, spiritual values, good life quality of District 5’s residents in particular, and the development of sustainable culture tourism for a civilized and modern society of the city in general.